Reading Assignments

Below you can find links to all the assigned readings for the course, as outlined on the syllabus.  Readings are also available via the course CTools site.


Week Two (due March 16):

“Why I Blog” by Andrew Sullivan

What is a Blog” by Jill Rettberg


Week Three (due March 23):

Finding Your Voice” by Rebecca Blood

“Blogging Basics” by the Sweetland Center for Writing


Week Four (due March 30):

“Billboard Design 101” by Steve Krug

“Composition & the Elements of Visual Design” by Robert Berden

“Noble Blogger Guidelines: How to Cite Pictures” by Sasha Zinevych


Week Five (due April 6):

Blogs as Narratives” by Jill Rettberg


Week Six (due April 13):

“Weblog Ethics” by Rebecca Blood