Week 3: Finding Your Voice

For this assignment, you have two options:

1) Respond to the Week 3 Prompt, written below. [100 words]


2) Respond to at least two of your peers’ responses to the Week 3 Prompt. [60 words each]

No matter which option you choose, make sure to tie your responses to our course readings (from Week 3 and/or previous weeks).

Prompt: Select two of the blogs you are following and analyze the “voice” of each blogger. How would you characterize each blogger’s voice/persona? What techniques does each blogger use to cultivate his/her voice? In what ways are those techniques successful or unsuccessful?

Note: your post will be more credible if you include specific examples to illustrate your response and also provide links to the textual evidence you use in your post.

Week 2 Reflection on Blogs and My Future Blog

Three Ideas

  1. Really cheesy horror movies
  2. The raw conversations with friends surrounding sex, politics and love
  3. The writing process

Two Topics

  1. The raw conversations with friends surrounding sex, politics and love
  2. The writing process

New Angles for blog post

  1. My close friend group is comprised of two gay white people (one self-identified male and one self-identified female) and one black straight person (me). This mixture of underrepresented and oppressed identities sparks conversation such as me offering to be a surrogate for the gay white guy and offering to marry the gay white girl so she can get cheaper family housing in grad school.
  2. People think that writers are just so prolific and know all the words to say. Though this might be cliché, it is unique because in my particular struggle I will talk about the struggles of being forced to write about the stereotypes.


  1. Computer, hang out with friends, record conversation with phone, possibly photos
  2. Computer, going to poetry events, reading poetry books, photos at events, talking without other poets

Blog titles

  1. A Series of Fucked Up Events
  2. The Ghosts of Mama’s Future
  3. Three Queens, Two Periods OR Three Queens..
  4. The Gay Agenda is Real and According to Mama, I’m Next (my gay friend gave me this one lol)
  5. Community Dick and Chick Inc.


I found out that I really enjoy personal blogs. I like hearing about the everyday struggles which is also something that I want my blog post to focus on.  In the blog  Until I get Married (http://untiligetmarried.com/) I enjoyed hearing about Jozen’s life as a bachelor. Learning about his girlfriend Gina in the different stages of them dating gave insight on not just who he is today but he also talks a lot about his past. In another blog I read on (https://queerty.com/ ) by Graham Gremore I loved hearing about gay topics from updates about Ru Paul’s Drag race (don’t read there are spoilers but also hearing about gay icons such as Keiyan Lonsdale. This blog is lies more in the realm of filter blog which operates more in the zone of personal journalism.

Week 2: Reflection1

Three Blog Ideas:

  1. Media Production in Sports
  2. Happy Living / Time
  3. Dreams

Google Search → Competition/Colleagues

  1. Media Production in Sports: most blogs about sports media production revolve around the world of broadcasting (I’m more interested in promotional films and advertisements), competition doesn’t seem to be too strong, many sports blogs more masculine/bold appearing
  2. Happy Living / Time: lots of blogs about components of happy living (eg. nutritional health, physical activity, travel, etc.). I want to give a little more focus/attention to the small things in life that make people happy. I would also want to emphasize time on my blog – how quickly it passes, how valuable it is, etc. (this is kind of like an outlet for my hypersensitivity to time). I think I would tailor this blog to the interests of young adults, as I feel like it is during young adulthood when people have the most potential.
  3. Dreams: There is a blog about dreaming already in existence. Now that I look over some of the blog posts on that blog, I’m starting to think a blog about dreams isn’t such a great idea. I experienced a sense of doubt when reading about people’s dreams because of how detailed and developed some of them were. This kind of blog definitely wouldn’t attract general skeptics.

Topics that I’m sticking with:

  1. Media Production in Sports
  2. Happy Living / Time

I’m tossing out the dream blog because I feel like I won’t be able to give it enough concrete value.

How to make my blogs stick out:

  1. Media Production in Sports: I think focusing on the creative use of film in sports is sufficient to make this sports blog stand out from the rest.
  2. Happy Living / Time: Actually, now that I’m thinking about it more, one thing that makes me really happy is letting other people know of the impact/influence they’ve had on who I am as a person. Or, if they’ve made a small difference in my life, to let them know that as well. I actually think something that would be a little more unique would be to start a blog where people contribute their experiences/stories of people who have made a difference in their life (no matter big or small) who would otherwise likely be unaware of the impact they’ve had on others.

Materials needed for blogs:

  1. Media Production in Sports: I think maybe if I wanted to add my own experiences/tests to my blog, I would need editing software like Adobe Premiere. I would also need to follow other creators working in sports media production.
  2. Happy Living / Time: I would need others to share their experiences with me.

Five Possible Blog Titles for the blog I’m leaning toward (Media Production in Sports):

  1. Movement
  2. Air
  3. Creators in Sports (CIS)
  4. Sports Creative
  5. Svision

Week 2: What, Why, and How of Blogging

For this assignment, you have two options:

1) Respond to the Week 2 Prompt, written below. [100 words]


2) Respond to at least two of your peers’ responses to the Week 2 Prompt. [60 words each]

No matter which option you choose, make sure to tie your responses to either Rettberg’s “What is a Blog?” or Sullivan’s “Why I Blog.”

Prompt: Begin following at least five blogs. (You may find interesting blogs to follow by searching Google, browsing an aggregator such as Feedly, or soliciting recommendations from others.) Read a few sample posts from each blog and analyze those posts using ideas from Rettberg’s and/or Sullivan’s essays. If you can, include quotes and links to your sample blog posts and the readings; doing so will help you to practice for your own blog. If you have trouble including quotes and/or links, write yourself some notes in Evernote or whatever other journal format you prefer so that you can get help during class.



Week 2: Reflection #1

Use the results of your in-class brainstorming exercise to develop three possible topics for your blog. To get started, you might select any one answer from your list and turn it into a blog idea. For example, if the places you want to visit in Ann Arbor are all burger joints, you might create something like Michigan Burger Boys. You might also combine any ideas from your list to develop something new. For example, if your hobby is cooking and you also love archival research, you might create something like Cooking in the Archives.




For each of your three ideas, do a quick Google search to identify your competition/colleagues. Who else is writing about your topic? Who are their audiences? How could you differentiate yourself from their blogs? 




Now that you have looked at the competition, toss out the topic that seems most thickly covered. Which two topics are you sticking with, and why? 



Of the two remaining topics, how could you make a your blog stick out? What new angles haven’t been tried? 



For each of these two blogs, what materials would you need (camera, expenses, time to attend events…)? 



Which of the two remaining topics are you learning toward? Take that topic and develop five possible blog titles: 






Pick your favorite site title and check to see if it is available on WordPress. If not, try a few different versions until you find a title you like. Then create your site and start blogging!