Week 6: Reflection #2

Post your responses to Reflection 2 directly as a comment on this post, just as you did with Reflection 1.

Reflection 2

Your first formal reflection for this course helped you to develop a blog topic. In this reflection, you’ll reflect on how blogging has affected your thinking and writing so far, and you’ll identify longer-term goals based on your blogging experience.

You may use the following questions to spur your reflections, but you don’t have to answer every question. You may address each question individually or synthesize your thoughts into a cohesive essay about your experience in this course. In either format, your finished reflection should be about 500 words.

  • What one or two specific aspects of your blog are you most proud of this semester, and why? How can you build on these successes in the future of your blog?
  • What was your favorite, or most successful, post? What made it especially successful?
  • What was your most challenging, or least successful, post? What made it especially challenging, and how might you address similar challenges in future posts?
  • Remember the values statement you wrote on the first day of class. How have you endeavored to reflect specific values identified in that statement in your blog? Which values do you see less reflected in your blog? How might you deepen your commitment to those values in your future blogging?
  • How has your blogging impacted your writing in other settings (academic writing, social media, e-mail…)? How has your blogging impacted your reading in those same settings?
  • What are the most important lessons you’ve learned about visual rhetoric (document design, image use, photography…)?
  • After reading various blogs and creating your own, how has your understanding of evidence changed? In the blogipelago, what is good evidence? What is bad evidence? How will you evaluate the evidence you find linked in blogs?
  • What value do you see your blog contributing to the lives of your readers? In what directions do you envision taking the blog in the future?
  • Summarize your learning from the course in the form of a microblog post…

on Instagram (describe what you’d take a picture of):

on Twitter or Facebook:

on a different platform, and why:

Week 6: Blogging as Social Engagement

For this assignment, you have two options:

1) Respond to the Week 6 Prompt, written below. [100 words]


2) Respond to at least two of your peers’ responses to the Week 6 Prompt. [60 words each]

No matter which option you choose, make sure to tie your responses to our course readings (from Week 6 and/or previous weeks).

Prompt: Thinking over the time you’ve spent looking at blogs so far this semester – those you’re following, those you’ve found via classmates’ posts, those you’ve stumbled across, or even your own – which of Rebecca Blood’s six rules for ethical blogging conduct ring the most true for you, and why? Do you believe the blogs you’ve seen generally adhere to these rules, or no? Or – are there other rules you think are important that Blood leaves out, based on what you’ve seen? Whatever your answers, illustrate your response with references (and links) to one or two blog posts.