Week 2: Reflection1

Three Blog Ideas:

  1. Media Production in Sports
  2. Happy Living / Time
  3. Dreams

Google Search → Competition/Colleagues

  1. Media Production in Sports: most blogs about sports media production revolve around the world of broadcasting (I’m more interested in promotional films and advertisements), competition doesn’t seem to be too strong, many sports blogs more masculine/bold appearing
  2. Happy Living / Time: lots of blogs about components of happy living (eg. nutritional health, physical activity, travel, etc.). I want to give a little more focus/attention to the small things in life that make people happy. I would also want to emphasize time on my blog – how quickly it passes, how valuable it is, etc. (this is kind of like an outlet for my hypersensitivity to time). I think I would tailor this blog to the interests of young adults, as I feel like it is during young adulthood when people have the most potential.
  3. Dreams: There is a blog about dreaming already in existence. Now that I look over some of the blog posts on that blog, I’m starting to think a blog about dreams isn’t such a great idea. I experienced a sense of doubt when reading about people’s dreams because of how detailed and developed some of them were. This kind of blog definitely wouldn’t attract general skeptics.

Topics that I’m sticking with:

  1. Media Production in Sports
  2. Happy Living / Time

I’m tossing out the dream blog because I feel like I won’t be able to give it enough concrete value.

How to make my blogs stick out:

  1. Media Production in Sports: I think focusing on the creative use of film in sports is sufficient to make this sports blog stand out from the rest.
  2. Happy Living / Time: Actually, now that I’m thinking about it more, one thing that makes me really happy is letting other people know of the impact/influence they’ve had on who I am as a person. Or, if they’ve made a small difference in my life, to let them know that as well. I actually think something that would be a little more unique would be to start a blog where people contribute their experiences/stories of people who have made a difference in their life (no matter big or small) who would otherwise likely be unaware of the impact they’ve had on others.

Materials needed for blogs:

  1. Media Production in Sports: I think maybe if I wanted to add my own experiences/tests to my blog, I would need editing software like Adobe Premiere. I would also need to follow other creators working in sports media production.
  2. Happy Living / Time: I would need others to share their experiences with me.

Five Possible Blog Titles for the blog I’m leaning toward (Media Production in Sports):

  1. Movement
  2. Air
  3. Creators in Sports (CIS)
  4. Sports Creative
  5. Svision